Geolocalisation Telephone

Have you seen an action movie when the main role is being a fugitive? In this kind of movie, usually the main role will or will be told to throw away the credit card and/or the cellular phone. Why do they do that? That is because the enemies can know your current location because of those two things, especially the mobile phone as their GPS mobile tracking.

A mobile phone is tracking devices that people commonly have in these days. A cell phone is a very convenient device. In modern times, It is not limited only to communicate but mainly because of its computing power and others features, like games, applications and works next best to your laptop.

Besides the benefits that are offered, mobile phone also has many disadvantages. Unfortunately, not many people know about this. One of the disadvantages of a mobile phone is lack of privacy.  Using a mobile phone will make you to expose your current condition to everyone, especially those that understand how it works. They will know where you are or what you are doing just because you are using a cell phone.

So, how can this happen? To locate you, usually they need to locate your phone. To locate the phone is easy because it must emit at least the roaming signals to contact the next nearby antenna tower, but the process does not require an active call. A cell phone, especially which using a GSM network, becomes very easy to be tracked because of these signals. Then, triangulation is done to locate the user/cell phone. Triangulation is a process of finding a position when two visual landmarks are known. While routing a call to the cell phone, the cell towers analyze the signals sent from the phone and then decide which tower is best placed to carry out the communication with the phone. The cell towers monitor these signals, and the location of the cell phone can be determined by comparing the strength of these signals. Then, voila! We know where you are.

More bad news for you!!! with changing technology, even private players own satellite and they can trace the mobile location using geolocalisation telephone as phone tracker. GPS tracking is done to determine the location of the cell phone. This technique provides more accurate results.

Now, here is the good news: having a cell phone that can be tracked or phone tracker free is not as bad as it is seemed. You can utilize this character to your own benefit. A GPS app in your phone can tell wherever you are so it can help you when you are lost. You can also monitor the position of your children, parents, or friends and make sure they are alright. However, tracking people by phone tracker free without their permission will create a privacy problem. Permission and procedures are strongly recommended for that kind of use. Also, the cell phone user must provide a permission to a service provider before the service provider can calculate positioning data from the user’s cell phone by phone tracker free.

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