Singapore For Seniors Travel

Singapore is a great place for senior travelers to discover Asia. The city is extremely safe, and the government of Singapore does a lot to keep the city crime-free. The city is also clean and modern with towering skyscrapers everywhere around the city. Singapore is highly recommended for those who have not been overseas so far and may be little nervous about culture shock.

The city is home to a mishmash of various cultures such as Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Thai, hence it is a great place to discover all these cultures. The various languages that people of Singapore speak are Mandarian, English, Malay and Tamil.

Public Transport: Singapore’s mass transit system (MRT), covers the whole city with the network of light and underground rail lines. They are the best way of transportation for senior travelers to get into many places. They are well-equipped with accessibility features like lifts, escalators, ramps and handrails. Though the country got a wonderful system, traveling by train is the easy way for senior travelers.

when to travel singaporeHealth:Singapore is one of the best countries for medical tourism. Most of the foreign people arrive here to get medical treatment. The country is also considering the health concerns into major account such as the city is pollution-free, litter-free and you can see everywhere greeneries. Her the tap water is drinkable and there are many laws that are much more stringent.

Cultures:Singapore is a special place where you can see various culture practices of east and south Asian cultures. The places where you can see and enjoy real culture of Chinese and Indian people are China town and Little India. The food is another attracting feature of Singapore and there are different cuisines to enjoy especially for seniors.

Attractions: Singapore has got may world-class attractions to enjoy your holiday. There are national museums and historic sites, including the National Museum of Singapore, where seniors can enjoy 50% discounted admission and free entry into the Singapore living galleries after 6 PM daily. Casino is another attraction of Singapore that too online football betting Singapore  became more popular among seniors as well as players.

There are lot of places to visit in Singapore such as Zoo, Night Safari, Museums and Art Gallery, Garden by the Bay, Theater by the Bay etc. where seniors can enjoy exploring with such attractions. Thus, Singapore is the best place for Seniors to have an overseas experience.

Attention Grabbing Attractions of Malaysia

malaysia travel without visaMalaysia shares two borders, one half on Southeast Asia’s mainland peninsula, and the other on Borneo Island. The diverse culture of Malaysia is a fusion of tribal provinces and urban infused metropolis that attracts tourists from all around the world. Both regions have dense forest and welcoming seawaters, making the outdoor adventures an unbelievable experience. Known for its famed scuba diving hotspots and varied white river rafting, Malaysia’s beautiful landscapes are mesmerising.

Food is the gateway to the Malay culture and that gateway is spread across the country. A combined flavour of Malaysian, Indian, Chinese and Western cooking can be found all around the country.

Malaysia is always considered as the most stunning and diverse tourist destinations. It has something to offer to all, may it be a kid or an adult. The amazing snorkelling and nature trails, the scrumptious cuisine, fabulous shopping and perfectly serene beaches.


Crystal clear white beaches are home for plenty o underwater life, coral among all preserved well. The indulging array of islands is the best choices for couples and the legendary Malaysian hospitality gives one a perfect holiday. Penang, Langkawi and Kota Kinabalu are the popular ones that are well connected to the rest of the world. The Rawa islands or the Redang archipelago is a divine destination for scuba divers and a snorkelling paradise. Sipadan is one of the top five diving spots that welcome divers from all over the world. The Pangkor Island is famous among the local Malaysians gaining popularity among travellers.

History of Malaysia:

It has a blend of Southeast Asian cultures and influenced from China along with the surrounding countries. There are Chinese temples around the country from the Buddhist and Hindu faiths. One with strong heart and mind would dare visit the Snake temple in Sungai Kluan, Penang where snakes inhabit everywhere. Penang, the George Town houses splashing of varied architectural styles and religious combinations together. Drop a coin and make a wish at the wishing well in Bukit Cina or the St Paul Historical Complex, a legacy from the Portuguese period.

Kuala Lumpur: Usually denoted as KL is the most cosmopolitan cities, blending both old and new spectaculars in fashion world. The major attraction, Genting Island, houses a one-of-its-kind amusement resort featuring casinos, shopping malls, hotels and theme parks. One can reach Genting Island by cable car ride which gives one a splendid vies of the rainforest below. At, the resort, one can try their luck at the casino, indulge in various indoor and outdoor activities or involve themselves in online betting games for fun gaming experience at bwins888 which has robust and user-friendly gaming screen giving its players the live sports gaming experience. Bustling shopping centers are packed with vibrant malls, mouth watering street food and wonderful souvenirs. The Petronas Tower is worth a visit because of their stunning views and the efficient Kuala lumpur monorail is the best option to go around the city.


Malaysia being such an incredible beauty and wildlife, it is the most wonderful place to have adventure. The wreck diving in Pulau Redang, is one among the wonderful coral reefs life that has the World War II historic shipwreck sites to explore. The trek through Taman Negara which is one of the oldest rainforest and richest ecosystem lies is an amazing experience for trekkers. One can visit the largest cave chamber at Mulu National Park in Sarawak.