4 ways to make happy hour in your bar more interesting

Most bars have taken up the trend of having happy hour at specific times during the day where customers come to enjoy discounted drinks and other activities at the bar that are meant to pull in more customers. Because happy hour is not a unique concept, there is need for your bar to have really amazing offerings in order to make your customers look forward to this period.

In this article, we’ll share with you 4 ways on how to make happy hour in your bar more interesting.

Go for quality not quantity

Most customers associate happy hour at the bar as the time when bars sell cheap drinks. This should not be the way for you to go if you want to give your customers a more interesting experience. As opposed to going for the cheap stuff, use this as an opportunity to introduce your customers to quality stuff that they would not ordinarily afford to drink through offering cocktails that don’t hurt your bottom line.

Don’t conform to the popular trend

Most bars will offer happy hour at around the same time which is often between 3pm and 6pm, and this is mostly influenced by the laws on alcohol sale that have been set by the local authority. It’s however a good idea not to stick to these times. The idea of happy hour is to attract more patrons to come sample your bar therefore you should consider having it during low traffic moments.

Focus on entertainment

For your bar’s happy hour to be interesting, it should be more than just a time when customers come to enjoy discounted drinks. You should find ways of making them spend more time in the bar therefore more drinks by introducing interesting activities such as assorted games, tournaments, and even open mike activities.

Promote your happy hour

As part of your promotion of happy hour in your bar, it’s a good idea to find creative promotional ideas such as social media campaigns, word of mouth, and guerilla marketing activities and so on. The idea is to create anticipation as well as enough curiosity to draw patrons into your bar and once they are there ensure that you keep them there.

It’s always a worthwhile investment when you focus on drawing customers to your bar because it always translates to direct revenue as long as the experience your bar offers them is worth spending their money on.

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