About Quiet Mon

I am Alan Yarbrough founder and CEO of Quiet Mon which is basically a team of marketing consultants who specialize in developing online and offline marketing concepts for bars and restaurants to enable them have better positioning. My inspiration to start this business was purely out of necessity. As a person who enjoyed hanging out in bars to catch up with friends, catch my favorite sport or just relax while having my favorite drink, I realized that bars were simply playing the “me too” game, not digging in deep to stand out from the crowd.

What started as a simple suggestion to the manager at my favorite bar ended up being a consultancy business that has gone on to transform the bar industry. We have been able to come up with various marketing concepts for bars which include complete interior makeovers to organizing special brand activation events and other promotional events that have made a number of bars across America to truly stand out.

We take time and put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and come up with ideas that will make them have a more enjoyable time at their favorite bar. So far, the results have been great and we are looking forward to taking up more challenging projects.